Launched in 2017 to meet the growing attention of the market for artist's collecting, the department of Photographs conquered at its debut 43% of the Italian market of the sector thanks to a selection of high quality works, with an international standing.
The interest for the top names of Italian photography, especially sought-after abroad, such as Michele Zaza, Luigi Ghirri, Mimmo Jodice and Mario Giacomelli, is confirmed at every auction.
On an international level, excellent results have been achieved by artists as: Fukase Masahisa with "Yoko 1980" (€ 13,750); Candida Hofer with "Balhaus Watzke Dresden 1 2000” (€ 7,500); Roni Horn with “Untitled #7 1998” (€ 6,250), Carsten Holler, Edouard Boubat, Bern Stern and Ansel Adams.
As evident from the last sales, we are witnessing the rise of a collecting trend that prefers XIX century Photography: € 7,500 for "An Oasis in the Badlands 1905" by Edward S. Curtis and € 6,250 for the daguerreotype "Nudo con cappello di schiena 1850 ca." by Felix Jacques Moulin.

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