Asian Works of Art

The department of Asian Works of Art presents itself as one of the leading ones within the auction house and it's increasingly generating interest among both the vast Chinese clientele - focused on seeking for objects and artefacts of their own tradition - and the Western one, fascinated by the rarity and refinement of the selected works.
Such result has been achieved by experts thanks to an accurate study of the styles and a meticulous selection of works never seen on the market, coming from important private collections. Porcelains, jades, corals, ivories, lacquers, but also sculptures, furniture and paintings with rich ornaments, are thus precious protagonists  of the catalogue.
Among the memorable awards which have marked the importance of the department, we can include a magnificent 'ruyi' sceptre in Celadon jade of XVIII century, sold for € 212,500; an important zitan wood table screen of the Qianlong period, sold for € 262,500; a monochrome porcelain Moonflask of the Qianlong period, sold for € 287,500; and an extremely refined vertical scroll titled 'Chicks' by the renowned Chinese master Qi Bashi, sold for € 137,500.

The auction dedicated to the Asian “works of art” which will be held on May 12th, presents over 250 goods of excellent origin, an eclectic exhibition that, starting from China, passes through the Siam region, up to Japan.

Unmissable porcelains including some precious Green Family examples: a pair of large rouleau vases decorated with reserves with landscapes and floral elements (lot 61, estimate € 20,000 - 30,000), two large potiches with precious relief motifs of deer, cranes, and trees (lot 75, estimate € 12,000 - 15,000) and a large hexagonal shaped vase in white and blue porcelain (lot 170, estimate € 8,000-12,000). The sophisticated artistic production inspired by the reign of the enlightened emperor Kangxi (1662-1722) also returns in the highly sought-after red "sang-de-boeuf" and flambé enamel vases (lot 1, estimate € 700 - 1,000), belonging to a Milanese collection. Always from the city of Milan, the pair of doucai enamel vases bearing the Daoguang trademark at the bases (lot 32, estimate € 5,000 - 7,000).
A large tianqiuping vase, decorated with dragons against a background of clouds and dated 19th century (lot 125, estimate € 2,200 - 2,500) ideally closes this section.
The collectible peculiarities are displayed inside the catalogue through a substantial core of snuff bottles, of which about a hundred came from a Ligurian’s property of over three hundred exemples, heterogeneous for materials and periods of realization; and also thanks to a series of large seals among which it stands out one in ivory finely carved with dragons chasing the sacre pearl motif (lot 154, estimate € 10,000 - 12,000) and one spinach and russet jade seal, carved with dragons and clouds motif (lot 109, estimate € 4,000 - 6,000). 
Referred to the religious sphere, is the beautiful 17th-century sculpture in lacquered and gilded wood depicting a Buddhist monk (lot 74, estimate € 4,000 - 6,000).
Moving to Thailand, the attention of enthusiasts goes to a niello and gilt silver kettle (lot 225, estimate € 900 - 1,000), of which an extremely similar example is reported in the important publication "Thai Silver & Nielloware" by Paul Bromberg.Coming from Japan, numerous groups of netsuke in finely carved ivory, some with irreverent figurations, such as the one dedicated to the divinity Fukurokuju intent on drinking sake on a boat, and signed by the artist Ikkosai (lot 226, estimate € 600 - 800).
At the end of this review, emerges also an important group of screens whose decorations cover the whole of Asia, and among which emerge a refined Chinese model of the 20th century with four panels and golden bird motifs (lot 142, estimate € 1,000 - 1,500).

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