A constantly changing collectors market which can hold surprising discoveries, that of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

The artists whom the department studies and carefully selects are not only Italian: French, Russians, Germans, Scandinavians, Anglo-Saxons up to the Mitteleuropean in order to offer our customers an increasingly complete overview of the artistic production of the time.

There are also monographic insights in which the line undertaken by the department is to group a qualitative core for each artist, in order to offer a comprehensive stylistic overview.

Sculpture too has found a greater space with renowned signatures but, above all, with quality castings.

"The sale of 19th and 20th century paintings and sculptures was held at Il Ponte Casa d'aste in Milan on 22 November 2018 with a turnover of 529.350 euros, 70% of lots sold and 91% increase on the value." From the results of the auction, it is clear that the best results were obtained by the masterpieces in which the stylistic path of a master was easily recognizable, as was the case for the works of Andrea Tavernier (1858-1932), "Imbarco per Citera", 210 x 140 cm, sold for 87,500 euro and an estimate of 75.000-80.000, and Gaetano Chierici (1838-1920), "L'ultima forchettata", 30 x 39 cm, sold for 62,500 euros and an estimate of 48.000-50.000", comments the specialist of the department , Matteo Gardonio."

Arteconomy 24 | 11 dicembre 2018